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Wholesale Catalog 2021-22

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Contents SINGING GREETING CARDS Friendship Love 5 6 Birthday Holiday 7 8 Mom Dad Thank You Congrats 9 Encouragement Stickers 10 Magnets 11 Art Prints 12 NEW Spring 2022 Line Sheet 13 14 Pricing Terms 15 16

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A bit about me...My name is Sharon Glassman. I'm a NYC style journalist turned Coloradodesigner and songwriter. I started making cards and gifts that sing for my music fans. They said: “If onlywe could take you home somehow so you could make us smile every day!”My first thought was: music boxes. Followed by a big pivot. Becausesmartphones are today's music boxes. And greeting cards and stationery havea unique power to deliver comfort, joy, delight and good cheer. Now, to make paperie sing ...After a few months of r+d, I created the QR codes and links that let you enjoythe songs I write to amplify each design's sunny, punny art and message. Ourcollection has grown to include magnets, stickers and more. Each Smile Songs card + gift is designed with your happiness in mind.Smile Songs is a stationery + gifts branddedicated to the art of positive feels.Each design sings you a handcraftedsong that amplifies its kindhearted artand words. The result? A healthy sundaefor your senses. Thanks for visiting ournew catalog. Let's stay in touch! Hello! – Sharon

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A gift that keeps on giving: QR codes – aka little boxes of dots – are digitalmaps. Each Smile Songs QR code and web takes you to an audio player. Pressplay and you'll hear a song written to amplify each design's good feels. (Ilovingly design each QR code to go with its art and song cause: designnerd/user experience :)Emotional benefits: Combining art, words and music can help our heartbeatshift to how it feels when we're loved and in love.Interactive fun for smartphone lifestyles: Grown folks + kids love making theircards and gifts sing.Eco-friendly: Mother Nature digs singing QR codes 'cause they sing right fromthe art; no chips required.Use the QR or URL in the heart to hear popular Smile Songs Another fun thing about this catalog:⚡  is a best-seller⭐  is a new product .You know how hearing the birds sing ona sunny day boosts your happiness?Inspired by Mother Nature, each SmileSongs design sings you a kindheartedsong created to amplify its sunny art andmessage. Delight your senses. Boostyour spirit. QR codes and links make ourstationery sing. Here's why:They Sing!

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Beautiful Besties - ⭐ Little Card Love - ⭐ Friendship Sun - ⭐ Can't Spell Luv – ⚡  Bee My HoneyIntrovert Loves U - ⭐ I Heart U - ⭐ Thinking of You - ⭐ Nobody But YouSeason Your Life - ⭐ New Baby World - ⭐  GREETING CARDSSKU# GCV014SKU# GC029SKU# GCF039SKU# GC001SKU# GCV006SKU# GCV007SKU# GC013SKU# GC052SKU# GCL049SKU# GC0015SKU# GC050- FRIENDSHIP + LOVE |  |  (970) 306-66855Bee Who You Wanna BeeSKU# GC044

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GREETING CARDSHappy Bee Day - ⚡ Bee MerryIntroverted ChristmasYou Take the Cake - ⭐ Peace on EarthHappy HolindaysBee Joyful - ⭐ Bees on Earth - ⭐ I Love You, Mom - ⚡ ⭐ Hoppy Holly YaysJoyGlad You're My Dad - ⭐ SKU# GCB004SKU# GCH018SKU# GCH021SKU# GCB016SKU# GCH019SKU# GCH022SKU# GCH017SKU# GCH053SKU# GCM008SKU# GCH037SKU# GCH020SKU# GCD009- BIRTHDAY/HOLIDAY/MOM + DAD |  |  (970) 306-66857

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Apology Certificate - ⭐ UR My Dearest Wish - ⭐ Marriage Proposal – ⭐  Kind Thing - ⭐  Success Booster - ⭐ GREETING CARDSSKU# GC030SKU# GC034SKU# GC031 SKU# GC032 SKU# GC0038- FRIENDSHIP + LOVE |  |  (970) 306-66856

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GREETING CARDSBee-Lated Birthday - ⭐ 1 Year More Awesome - ⭐  Hooray Your Birthday - ⭐  Bee-Loved Birthday - ⭐  Happy Bday to U - ⭐ SKU# GCB039SKU# GCB035SKU# GCB033 SKU# GCB054 SKU# GCB036- BIRTHDAY/HOLIDAY/MOM + DAD |  |  (970) 306-66858

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Thanks for Being You – ⚡ Beautiful BrainBeautiful With a Y-O-USeason Your Life - ⭐ Bold Dreams Bloom – ⚡ Nat. Wonder Teachers - ⭐ Bee Happy Vibes – ⭐  Personal BraveryWe Appreciate You - ⭐ GREETING CARDSSKU# GCT005SKU# GC011SKU# GC002SKU# GC015SKU# GC003SKU# GCT023SKU# GC012SKU#GC010SKU# GC027- THANK YOU, CONGRATS + ENCOURAGEMENT |  |  (970) 306-66859Dance Your DanceSKU# GC042Believe Love Be YouSKU# GC055

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Sit Stay HealBee My HoneyTeachers World - ⭐ ⚡ You are a Star Mirror - ⭐  Bold Dreams Bloom - ⚡  Cool Dad Mirror – ⭐ Beautiful BrainAmazing Mom Gliitter - ⭐  Introvert AFYou Are Magic Glitter - ⭐  STICKERSSKU# ST002SKU# STV008SKU# ST013SKU# ST003SKU# STV007SKU# ST012SKU# ST004SKU# ST007SKU# ST005SKU# ST014- FRIENDSHIP + LOVE |  |  (970) 306-668510Believe Be Love Be You - ⚡ SKU# ST006

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Bee Leaf Bloom - ⭐  Sensitive Sole - ⭐  Abuzz 2 Bee - ⚡   Bold Dreams Bloom - ⚡ MAGNETSSKU# MG001  SKU# MG002  SKU# MG003  SKU# MG004- FRIENDSHIP + LOVE |  |  (970) 306-668511

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Introvert AFIntrovert TreeBold Dreams Bloom - ⚡ Introvert Happy PlaceIntrovert SoleThanks for Being You - ⚡ Introvert KittyIntrovert VoterBeautiful You - ⚡ Introvert DoggBelieve Be Love Be YouART PRINTSSKU# AP001SKU# AP005SKU# AP009SKU# AP002SKU# AP006SKU# GCV010SKU# AP003SKU# AP007SKU# AP011SKU# AP004SKU# AP008- INTROVERT POWER + SELF LOVE |  |  (970) 306-668512SKU# AP012You Are a Star

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GREETING CARDS Flat printed recycled paper A2 Card craft envelope Blank inside MOQ 6 per design 2 50 USD NEW FOR 2022 INNER SUNSHINE Dreams Come True Congratulations Grad Friend Ship Mazel Tov SKU GC0057 SKU GC060 SKU GC061 SKU GC063 Be Who You Want to Be New Space Happy Place You Got This Happy Adjacent Bday SKU GC062 SKU GC058 SKU GC038 SKU GCB070 Introvert Kitty Introvert Dogg Introvert Tree Introvert Soul SKU GC066 SKU GC068 SKU GC065 SKU GC067 sharon smilesongs com www smilesongs com 970 306 6685 18

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GREETING CARDS Flat printed recycled paper A2 Card craft envelope Blank inside MOQ 6 per design 2 50 USD NEW FOR 2022 INNER SUNSHINE Ducky to Be Different Love to Be aQuiet Bee My Favorite Pair SKU GC0072 SKU GC073 SKU GC074 Cows Love She He Cows Love He He Cows Love She She SKU GC076A SKU GC076B SKU GC076C Introverted Birthday GC078 SKU Butterfly Heart Sun Moon You Me SKU GC079 SKU GC080 sharon smilesongs com www smilesongs com 970 306 6685 13 Just Bee SKU GC075 Mountain Town SKU GCB077 Time to Take a Nap SKU GC081

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GREETING CARDS STICKERS Flat printed recycled paper A2 Card craft envelope Blank inside MOQ 6 per design 2 50 USD Die Cut 3 Stickers MOQ 6 per design 2 00 USD NEW FOR 2022 INNER SUNSHINE Overthinking Cure Card Grow Sticker Tend Your Roots Fairy Godmother SKU GC0071 SKU ST015 SKU ST016 SKU ST017 Overthinkig Antidote Time to Take a Nap Just Bee Butterfly Heart SKU ST018 SKU ST019 SKU ST020 Sun Moon You Me Different Ducky SKU ST022 SKU ST023 sharon smilesongs com www smilesongs com 970 306 6685 13 SKU ST021

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ART PRINTS 8x10 tree free cotton premium paper MOQ 4 per design 8 00 USD NEW FOR 2022 INNER SUNSHINE Cows Love She He Cows Love He He Cows Love She She SKU AP0013A SKU AP013B SKU AP013C Just Bee Mountain Town Antitode Overthinking SKU AP015 SKU AP016 SKU AP017 sharon smilesongs com www smilesongs com 970 306 6685 12 My Favorite Pair SKU AP014

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WHOLESALE PRICING MINIMUMS The minimum for opening orders is 150 The minimum for re orders is 100 Prices are wholesale prices and are subject to change PRICES HOW TO ORDER Price per Item Minimum Single A2 Card 2 75 6 Stickers 2 00 6 Magnets 2 50 6 Art Prints 8 00 4 Order online at smilesongs faire com and your order will be wholesale priced at checkout Email me Sharon at sharon smilesongs com with your order and I will call you for payment info and shipping address Call me directly at 970 306 6685 to place your order WEBSITE EMAIL PHONE INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK www smilesongs com sharon smilesongs com 970 306 6685 smile_songs facebook com SmileSongs 17

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You can order in a few different ways. Pick whichever method suits you best:Order online at smilesongs.faire.comEmail me, Sharon, at with your order and I will call youfor payment info and shipping address.Call me directly at (970) 306-6685 to place your order.NEW CUSTOMERSNew customers are invited to register at Alternatively, email me directly at to order. Tax exempt IDrequired. HOW TO ORDERSHIPPINGOrders ship fromColorado, USA in 2-3 weeks from the order date via USPS or UPS,subject to availability and best rates. If an item is on backorder, we will notify youimmediately.Let us know if you require specific lead times or time-sensitive shippingterms. International deliveries usually arrive within 2–4 weeks (barring unforeseendelays in customs). International customers are responsible for any import duties ortaxes due for customs clearance once the shipment reaches their country.PAYMENT TERMS AND BILLINGWe accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx) via Square. All invoices will be sentelectronically from to the billing email address on file. Past-due balances are subject to finance charges of 1.5% per month. Returned checksare assessed a $25 service charge.DISPLAY AND PACKAGINGAll Smile Songs products must be displayed and sold in their original packaging.Boxed sets may not be broken up and sold as individual cards. If Smile Songsproducts are sold online, credit must be given to Smile Songs in the productdescription. Retailers may not sell Smile Songs products on third-party onlineplatforms (i.e., eBay, Amazon, Etsy) without obtaining prior permission from SmileSongs.14WHOLESALE TERMS

Page 24 306-6685sharon@smilesongs.comW E B S I T EE M A I LP H O N EI N S T A G R A MF A C E B O O Kcards + gifts that singwoman-owned small businessall products designed in Colorado, USA